Subwoofers In Your Car Audio System

To enjoy the various kinds of music like rock, pop, jazz or folk the basic components of the car audio system are not enough. You must upgrade to Subwoofers; though some cars do come with built in subwoofers they are of poor quality and do not produce great effect. Subwoofers suitable for cars are available in various price ranges, styles and sizes making upgrading an easy option, check Smaller woofers produce higher frequencies. For the best acoustic experience place two small woofers in the kick panel, a midrange speaker in the front door panels and a three way full spectrum speaker in the back of the car.

When Voice Command Fails On Your Android Auto (Mobile) Radio

Android auto radio is a great gadget to have when you drive but like all electronics there may be issues with it too. Sometimes the android auto will not be able to follow your voice commands leaving you frustrated and helpless. To overcome this press the android auto voice command button on the steering wheel long enough until you hear a beep. Then the radio is active and you can start talking, check Next ensure that there is no noise when you speak. Sometimes if the microphone is aftermarket unit it might be faulty. Check the microphone with the installer and resolve the issue.