Growing Market For Laminate Wood Flooring

A Swedish company called Perstop introduced Laminate wood flooring under the name Pergo. It is almost synonymous with laminate flooring, till the growth of manufacturers like Mohawk, Mannington mills, Shaw industries etc. in the 90s. The Industry has grown rapidly in the past decade. Flooring which was primarily preferred for residential flooring is now being used for commercial areas. Earlier only the glue-on planks were available; with the advent of snap-on planks, there is no need for glue and it can easily be clicked to one another. It can look similar not only to wood, but stone, vinyl and lot of flooring materials. Earlier laminates did not absorb sound and would provide a hollow sound when walked with heels, but now they are thicker and hence more sound absorbent. They are floating floors. The flooring is available at less than $1 per square foot to $5 per square foot. Cheapest bushboard worktops are available at

Small Businesses Finding A Niche For Dynamics NAV

Microsoft Dynamics NAV: Global Small-Midsize Businesses are hitting their expected goals and turning profits allowing growth into larger markets and in turn requiring new ways to streamline their business. Small business owners are considering the risk in spending more on software to centralize their data and ease the burden on their over worked staff allowing them more time to concentrate on production and sales.